KIOSK: Skin Care Products For Men

There was a time when taking care of one’s skin was considered exclusively for women… Well, guys, that time is over! Even if the beauty routine for men remains less elaborate than that for women, it is still important to do the right things. In the end, it’s not so much a question of appearance, but of health, well-being and comfort. Skin Care Products For Men

How does men’s skin differ from women’s?

The first thing obviously is that men have beards. But that’s not the only disparity. Male hormones contribute to thickening of facial skin in adolescence; men have about 25% thicker skin than women. Testosterone also makes men less vulnerable to hormonal fluctuations; if a man has acne, the source of the problem will probably be different from that of women and will appear less by cyclical flare-ups. In addition, men’s skin texture is usually less fine than that of women. This means that the ingredients in men’s products can generally be more potent and concentrated.But the biggest difference is probably behavioral: if women often like small pots and do not have so much problem to try and use several products, for men, it must remain simple!

Is it true that men have oilier skin?

It varies, of course, from person to person, but we can say that it does. Testosterone is also responsible for increased sebum production in men. Men have both more sebaceous glands (50% more than women) and their pores are wider than those of women.

This makes men more vulnerable to acne, hence the importance of trying to balance the skin.

When should anti-ageing care begin in men?

Signs of aging appear later in men than in women, so women may not care about it until middle age… and never before! But what you need to know is that once the aging process begins, it goes much faster than in women.

Prevention therefore remains important, often much earlier than we think. Those who wish can therefore start incorporating an anti-ageing product in their thirties.

How does shaving affect the skin?

Unless you choose to grow his beard, a man will shave around 16,000 times in his life. It’s huge! So unsurprisingly, this frequent shave can irritate the skin of the face. Over the years, the skin can become more and more sensitive and react immediately to each shave. About 40% of men have skin problems related to shaving.

Good skin care routine for men

Although the products may be different, the routine actually resembles that of women.

A good routine for basic skin would be:

We must never forget the importance of sunscreen, especially for those who spend a lot of time outdoors, whether because of work, sports, etc. It is not a question of vanity, but rather to prevent skin cancers, which are much more common than we think.

Sunscreen doesn’t have to be a specific product either; the ideal is to find a multi-care cream, at the same time moisturizing, balancing/mattifying and protective.

Other products can be added depending on the specific needs of the skin, and these can very well be borrowed from women by the way, especially if they are occasional! For example: clay or charcoal mask to balance and clarify the skin, soothing mask after a more rough shave, etc.

What types of creams do you use?

In general, men’s face creams should be light and non-greasy. Moisturizers and creams that are too rich will tend to make sebum production worse and irritate skin sensitized by shaving.

Good shaving routine for men

Some good gestures:

What are the good treatments of the beard?

It would be tempting to think that growing a beard is less demanding than shaving every day. But the truthis, having a beard requires a lot of maintenance!