Best Soap for Oily Skin in Kenya

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If you want to get rid of your oily skin problems, you will need to use soap but not just any one. Indeed, the soap associated with water will help to clean perspiration and impurities of the surface of the skin.

Recognize oily skin

Your skin is clean, but it no longer benefits from its natural protective layer, the lipid barrier. After the toilet, the lipid barrier is restored, but some skins react more than others to this aggression. This is the case with so-called oily skin. This type of skin secretes excess sebum, this phenomenon is called “seborrhea”. Oily skin is characterized by a shiny appearance in the forehead, nose and chin, the famous T-zone, as well as an accumulation of sebum conducive to the development of pimples or blackheads. The use of soap suitable for oily skin is therefore essential.

A non-alcoholic soap

The best soaps to cleanse oily skin are soaps without alcohol and soap. Syndets or overgra breads are therefore very effective. Indeed, the less the soap will be stripper the less the skin will be attacked and the less it will produce sebum. Soaps containing detergents should therefore be avoided at all costs. On the other hand, soaps should be preferred to moisturize the skin. Aleppo soap is also a very good option. In this case, Aleppo soaps containing at least 35-80% laurel berry oil are preferred. Laurel berry oil has purifying and healing properties. If Aleppo soaps are a little more expensive than conventional soaps, they will also last longer.

To choose aleppo soap, we check that it contains only olive oil, laurel berry oil, soda and water. In appearance, Aleppo soap must be green/brown. If cut, the inside of the soap should be darker than the outside. Its smell should be reminiscent of olives or laurels. The jump of the master soap maker must be present on the soap.

A clean-up with hot water

Don’t cleanse oily skin anyhow. Oily skin should be washed with hot water. Hot water dissolves the sebum. Then use a mild soap, soap-free soap or Aleppo soap to remove excess sebum without further irritating the skin.

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